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So, I figured that the appropriate first story post would be this one. I went to my old writing blog, the one we don't mention, and salvaged this little feller from the depths of eternal oblivion. I also fixed it a bit and changed some things in accordance to Jax's review (thank you for that, by the way). All reviews and comments much appreciated! Also, just for clarity's sake: no stealing of my stuff shall be tolerated! 

Title: Bird Talk (Original)
Genre: err, I'm not sure. Quirky character study, maybe? Also, realistic fiction.
Summary: An old man meets a friend of his in the park.
Rating: G. Absolutely no warnings whatsoever.
Word Count: A little under 1000 words

An old man sat down on the bench. It was a lovely Tuesday afternoon in the park; it was sunny, but not too hot or too bright. The park was rather large and very popular among the local people, but at this specific hour the morning joggers had long gone while the children hadn't yet gotten out of school, so the park was mostly empty. That was exactly why the old man had chose this time to meet with a friend. He loved the park, but he didn’t care much for noises. His ears were old and not as good anymore, and he found it was rather difficult to concentrate with much people chattering around him. He also couldn’t hear crickets anymore, which made him rather sad. Birds he could still hear, but most other sounds of the nature were no longer audible to his aging ears.

Rest of the story here )


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Hello, o traveler!

You have stumbled upon the humble writings of a girl with lots of stories to tell. Whether these are stories you would like to hear I can't say, but hey, it never hurts to try! ;D

I'll try to keep updating this relatively often, but we'll see how that goes.

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